Global Space Mining Market to be worth USD 14.71 billion by 2025

Global Space Mining Market 2025 by Navadhi Market Research
Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 12:00

Space mining is set to usher in a new era of space exploration and commercialization. As more and more investors are pumping money into space mining firms and governments like Luxembourg and United States create conducive legal and policy environment, this industry is ready to take off.

The need to find alternative sources of depleting natural resources like rare earth metals, new nuclear fuels like Helium 3 and deep space exploration are driving factors for Global space mining market.

Ambarish Kumar Verma, Managing Director of NAVADHI Market Research Private Limited said “the global space mining industry is expected to be worth USD 14.71 billion between FY2018 to FY2025. The growth in this market is predicted on the basis of various factors like market drivers, current and upcoming space mining missions, current investment growth pattern, and market forecasts."

This report provides in-depth analysis for the space mining market for the year FY2018 to FY2025, including market structure, market trends, market constraints and industry drivers.

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