About Us

About Us

NAVADHI is a market research company that helps global firms differentiate themselves, break market entry barriers, track their investments, develop business strategies and plan for future by providing actionable market research intelligence that helps them succeed.

Our goal is to offer accurate, relevant and actionable market research intelligence to the business decision makers which will enable them to succeed in today's changing business environment.

NAVADHI offers custom as well as syndicated market research services to it's customers. These services and uniquely offered to each customer to better suit their needs according to their different geographical, industrial, political, economical, social and technological environments.

NAVADHI is managed by skilled professionals in market research field. We strive to delight our customers by focusing on excellence, innovation, integrity, ethics, team work and transparency in whatever project we work upon.


NAVADHI strives to become a true knowledge driven organization, by rediscovering intelligence through unique market research innovations.


NAVADHI aims to create unique value for our clients by discovering and offering accurate, relevant and actionable market research intelligence that will help them succeed in their business.

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